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In a significant move that reaffirms its commitment to meet the growing demand for digital infrastructure in the Southeast, DC BLOX has recently announced the purchase and commencement of construction of a state-of-the-art data center campus in Douglasville, Georgia. This strategic expansion positions DC BLOX at the forefront of the region’s data center market, catering to the evolving needs of hyperscale and AI/ML platform and application providers. The $1.2 billion investment is set to create a technological hub, stimulating economic growth and strengthening the digital infrastructure of the region.

Expanding Data Center Portfolio

With its newest venture, DC BLOX is set to broaden its data center portfolio in close proximity to Atlanta, an area that has witnessed explosive growth as a core data center market. The data center campus in Douglasville is strategically positioned in the heart of the region’s data center alley, aiming to address the rapidly growing demands of the digital age.

Robust Tax Incentives

The project is supported by robust tax incentives coordinated by the Elevate Douglas Economic Partnership. These incentives, coupled with DC BLOX’s significant capital investment, further underscore the company’s commitment to staying ahead of emerging market needs.

Dark Fiber Connectivity

One of the most exciting aspects of this development is the integration of the site with DC BLOX’s nearly 500-mile dark fiber route. This high-capacity East-to-West fiber path connects major communication hubs in Atlanta, through Augusta, and onward to the DC BLOX Cable Landing Station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This dark fiber route is anticipated to be completed in Q4 2023, enhancing the connectivity and data transfer capabilities of the new data center.

Community and Economic Impact

Local leaders, such as Mayor Rochelle Robinson, are enthusiastic about DC BLOX’s investment in the community. The mayor noted that the data center will foster technological innovation, support local businesses, and stimulate economic growth while enhancing the region’s digital infrastructure. This investment demonstrates DC BLOX’s commitment to not only meeting market demands but also to being a responsible and positive contributor to the communities they enter.

Cutting-Edge Data Center Campus

The two-story data center campus in Douglasville is designed to meet the most demanding hyperscale requirements. It will feature twelve data halls, totaling 750,000 square feet of gross space, all situated on a 55-acre property. A power infrastructure of 180 MW has been committed to the campus, with initial customer move-in expected in Q3 2025. This facility is tailored to support the most advanced AI/ML applications and provides flexibility for tenants to customize their space to meet their specific requirements.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders

DC BLOX has partnered with industry leaders to bring this ambitious project to life. The design-builder, Evans General Contractors, is a Georgia-based Top 100 Contractor with extensive experience in complex technical markets. Leading the design-build team is Corey Lemming, VP of Advanced Technology for Evans, who brings over 17 years of mission-critical experience.

DC BLOX has also enlisted seasoned design partners, including DLB Associates, Corgan, Thomas & Hutton, and Bennett & Pless, who have a track record of successfully delivering design-build projects with Evans and DC BLOX.

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