DC BLOX, a leading data center operator serving the Southeast US market, began working with The Loyalty Foundation in 2020. The Loyalty Foundation is a not for profit organization that develops technology education, programming and provides funding and resources to ignite positive change in communities to underserved K-12 youth populations. Commissioner Sheila Tyson,of  District 2 of Jefferson County, Alabama, DC BLOX and The Loyalty Foundation began to address the needs of students without devices during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO of DC BLOX, Jeff Uphues is dedicated to   bringing connectivity to the underserved communities. “Meeting the needs of our local communities is a shared responsibility and DC BLOX is glad to support the great work of the Loyalty Foundation,” shared Jeff Uphues. 

In partnership with DC BLOX, The Loyalty Foundation has provided Jefferson County, Alabama with 200 additional computers for students. As the digital divide continues to create chasms in rural communities, the Commissioner secured $4.6 million in CARES Act funding specifically for the Jefferson County School System to help with access to Wi-Fi.

DC BLOX has continued to be dedicated to growing connectivity in underserved communities and will continue the work they are doing with The Loyalty Foundation. The mission to deliver infrastructure and connectivity that is essential to power today’s digital business is happening one step at a time. 

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