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In a momentous announcement, DC BLOX, a leading provider of multi-tenant data centers, dark fiber, and connectivity solutions, has revealed the grand opening of its Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This state-of-the-art facility marks a significant milestone in the region’s digital landscape, positioning Myrtle Beach as a vital global connectivity hub. With a design capacity of 125,000 square feet and 19 megawatts of power at full build-out, the Myrtle Beach CLS is set to host up to five subsea cables and offer colocation space for network and cable operators, communications providers, local enterprises, and partners.

Dark Fiber Route to Atlanta

DC BLOX is not stopping at the Myrtle Beach CLS. The company is also constructing a dark fiber route that will directly connect Myrtle Beach to Atlanta’s communications hub. This east-to-west route will enable high-capacity direct access to hundreds of communications providers and a growing number of regional data centers. Furthermore, it adds much-needed diversity to core fiber routes connecting Northern Virginia to Atlanta.

Government and Global Tech Giants Recognize the Potential

The importance of DC BLOX’s investments in digital infrastructure in South Carolina is highlighted by the endorsement of Henry McMaster, the Governor of South Carolina. He acknowledges that these investments are laying the essential foundation for substantial economic advancement in the state.

Global tech giants like Google and Meta are keenly aware of the strategic importance of the Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station. Google has announced two subsea cables that will land at the DC BLOX facility: the Firmina cable connecting Myrtle Beach to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, and the Nuvem cable connecting to Portugal and Bermuda. Similarly, Meta’s subsidiary, Edge Holdings, plans to land its Anjana cable, connecting to Spain, further solidifying Myrtle Beach’s position as a crucial node in global connectivity.

Quotes from Lee Livingston, Director of Partnerships at Google, and Boh DuPree, Director of Network Investments – Americas at Meta, emphasize their commitment to supporting South Carolina’s growing innovation hub and goals to improve subsea cables that will benefit the state’s communities and businesses.

Finally, Jeff Uphues, CEO of DC BLOX, shares his vision for the Myrtle Beach CLS as a pivotal hub for global and regional communications providers, hyperscalers, and enterprises. He sees it as a platform for pioneering the infrastructure of the future, one that supports an AI-driven economy.

Enabling New Economic Growth and Innovation

With the increasing demand for connectivity and the ever-evolving digital economy, the Myrtle Beach Cable Landing Station is set to catalyze economic growth and innovation in the Southeast. This cutting-edge facility will enable global providers and regional businesses to expand their reach, providing reliable and efficient services to customers worldwide.

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