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DEEP’s data center evaluation criteria is a valuable resource for data center operators who want to ensure that their operations are as efficient as possible. The Electrical Systems principles are part of an in-depth framework that has emerged from the rigorous review, practical testing, and formal approval from industry leaders. Data centers are notoriously expensive to operate due to high power consumption, so these best practices are designed to identify sustainable elements and pinpoint how operating costs can be minimized.

High-Efficiency UPS

When it comes to electrical systems for data centers, efficiency is vital. And it’s not just about saving on the electricity bill – a UPS system with 1% more efficiency can have a profound effect on power consumption and utility costs for a data center over the system’s lifetime. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are a core component of the mission-critical data center infrastructure as uninterrupted uptime is critical for IT service offerings provided by data centers. In the past, UPS systems have been large, inefficient, and provided little-to-no visibility into power utilization. However, new high-efficiency UPS technologies have emerged that are more efficient and smaller in size while still providing the same level of protection and features as their predecessors.

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