Originally posted on Data Center POST

International Data Center Day, designed to create awareness of the rapidly-growing global data center industry, is a day to inspire the world’s next generation to become a part of the connected digital world. Digital Fortress, a leading multi-tenant colocation and wholesale data center provider, celebrates International Data Center Day by sharing Jhoan Checo’s story on how he began his data center career.

Jhoan Checo, Chief Sales Officer of Digital Fortress, served in the United States military for 10 years before beginning his impressive career in the data center industry. Beginning as a chef in the navy, Jhoan worked his way into IT. From there, Jhoan was given the opportunity to work within the Navy data center where Jhoan was responsible for the networks & systems operations and overlooking the data center teams. After the military, Jhoan began to build his network around Wall Street and was introduced to the data center industry during the high-trading explosion in the 2000s. Since then, Jhoan became an award-winning data center sales leader. Over the course of his career, he had led his teams to achieve greatness. Jhoan attributes his drive, leadership and team management skills to his time serving the country in the United States Navy. 

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