In today’s digital and always-on connected world, there’s no end in sight to the demand for data and its use in driving business outcomes. As a result, companies in nearly every industry sector are building out their data centers, expanding both current and constructing new facilities. Coupled with trends towards energy-efficiency, sustainability and cost-efficiency, today’s digital economy is driving the need for more advanced data center facilities.

Recognizing that demand, CIM Group and fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547) have already jointly acquired two data centers in Markham, Ontario and San Francisco, California. Additionally, the partnership has now added a 42,000-square-foot facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to its assets.

The Cheyenne property currently delivers 2 MW of capacity, but it’s being expanded to 3 MW over the next four months to accommodate market growth and increasing demand for disaster recovery, cloud computing, colocation, and other managed IT services.

Several variables helped determine this prime location for data center real estate. In addition to 100 Gbps connectivity to Denver across four fiber paths, Cheyenne boasts a number of other attractive features. Healthy tax incentives, low-cost power, and a relatively low rate of natural disaster, combined with high-bandwidth connectivity, make it a highly desirable geography for data center operators and businesses looking for hosting options.

1547 was the managing partner of the ownership company that originally developed and sold this property, and it joins CIM as a partner in the new ownership.  The transaction supports the partnership’s efforts to support business demands for geographically convenient, high-capacity data center real estate to meet their growing IT needs in a connected world.

“The data center in Cheyenne combines high-quality infrastructure with low-cost power and high-capacity fiber, and continues the partnership’s goal of acquiring and developing premier data center assets in or adjacent to population centers to serve the growing data needs of businesses,” explained J. Todd Raymond, CEO of 1547.

Cheyenne is already home to several household brands hosting their data centers there, including Microsoft, the National Weather Service’s computing center, and EchoStar/Dish’s network and data hub.  The build-to-suit, single-tenant facility at 350 Progress Circle will offer even more businesses an ideal site to address their infrastructure needs as data center needs continue to climb.

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