Direct Access (DA) power allows energy users to competitively source electricity directly from third-party energy suppliers, while still remaining power distribution service customers of a utility. This enables businesses to capture the full benefits of deregulation and aids their strategic energy procurement process.  For Infomart Data Centers, it allows the provider to be more sustainable and also yield substantial electricity savings that it can ultimately pass through to tenants.

This is a unique offering for a data center provider; one that earned Infomart the 2016 infoTECH Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award from TMC.  Infomart buys power on the open market, directly from the same suppliers that sell to utility companies. This allows the company to offer a custom energy mix based on specific property and customer requirements.

Thanks to its DA power, Infomart is now the most experienced provider in building and running sustainable data centers.  Plus, Infomart can now offer customers some of the lowest data center power rates on the market.

“We’re honored to be recognized by infoTECH Spotlight with the 2016 Data Center Excellence Award,“ said John Sheputis, President of Infomart Data Centers. “The distinction confirms Infomart’s belief in having the freedom to make our own energy-mix decisions, and further validates our commitment to procuring renewable energy.”

TMC CEO Rich Tehrani also commented on the announcement.

“Infomart Data Centers has displayed its commitment to quality and innovation in the development of the data center industry,” stated Mr. Tehrani. “I look forward to witnessing continued excellence from Infomart in its efforts toward improving the future of the data center industry.”

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