Cloud-based CRM solutions, unlike on-premise CRM, require no hardware, server and software maintenance. Nor does a firm need to have a permanent IT staff member on site to administer complex installations, data migration or even upgrades. Cloud CRM also provides access to the system anywhere and at any time — whether in the office or while traveling — and on any device. Because of its ability to enable users to remain always connected to the central database, Cloud CRM increases flexibility and agility across the organization, including those with a geographically dispersed workforce. Salesforce was one of the first companies to launch a cloud-based CRM solution, and today its application is only available through the cloud.

Recently, PacketFabric became an official Salesforce Express Connect partner, enabling PacketFabric customers to connect to Salesforce from any location on the PacketFabric network through PacketCOR, its cloud connectivity service. Increasing performance with faster connection and application reliability, the PacketFabric network has been purpose-built to scale to terabits of capacity, and PacketCOR is ideal for businesses that require bandwidth-intensive cloud connectivity. PacketFabric is a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies.

“In today’s digital economy, everything and everyone is becoming more connected,” stated John Carney, SVP Industries, Communications and Media, Salesforce. “Customers, partners, and employees increasingly need to collaborate across geographies to drive productivity and innovation.  PacketFabric is accelerating this shift for its customers with the addition of Salesforce to the PacketFabric ecosystem.”

Using PacketFabric’s web portal or RESTful AP, secure cloud connectivity to Salesforce can be ordered and up and running instantaneously. Available in more than 150 data center locations across the United States, PacketFabric delivers automated, highly-scalable, and reliable connectivity between any two or more points on its fabric.

“Salesforce has completely transformed the way companies engage with customers, manage and develop their customer base, and scale their businesses,” commented Chad Milam, President and COO at PacketFabric. “PacketFabric is excited to offer highly scalable and private connectivity to Salesforce for all our customers, by combining Express Connect and PacketCOR.”

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