ECI’s 400G blade will be showcased at Big Telecom Event in Chicago and WDM and Next Generation Optical Networking in Nice in June

eciPetach Tikva, Israel, May 18, 2015 — ECI Telecom, a global provider of next-generation, elastic network solutions, introduced today the company’s new 400G flexible grid blade for the Apollo product line.  The 400G blade is designed to transport data with higher spectral efficiency and industry-leading port density, resulting in reduced rack space and less power consumption.  In addition, the blade enables carriers to configure a mix of 10G, 40G and 100G on the client side and to choose the required speed/reach on the line side. This provides greater efficiency, improved flexibility and reduced TCO – particularly suited to service providers and data center operators.

“At ECI, we are well aware that change is inevitable, especially the exponential growth of data transported. Knowing that this will only continue to increase at staggering rates, ECI engineered a card that is truly future-proof; one that can not only handle today’s traffic but tomorrow’s as well.  It’s all part of ECI’s elastic network vision. The introduction of the Apollo 400G blade is a major step in crystalizing this vision,” said Mr. Jimmy Mizrahi, head of ECI’s Portfolio Business Lines.

Using the 400G blade, customers will be able to transport more than twice the information within the same spectrum while reducing the power consumption to less than 0.75W/Gbps. This is a major decrease, even in comparison to ECI’s already low power cards.

Mr. Mizrahi continued, “The evolution to rates beyond 100G is required to support continued traffic growth. With the 400G blade, not only is ECI improving the transmission rate of the fiber by two, we are actually further increasing the spectral efficiency by 33% with the use of flex grid.”

With the 400G blade, the allocation of transmission rate and spectrum are fully flexible and can be determined by service, preference or distance. In fact, the same blades can be used in the metro as well as in the long–haul, delivering additional operational efficiencies. This is achieved through integrated OSNR monitoring which optimizes the rate to channel conditions. In the SDN environment, this capability can be used to automatically adapt to dynamic traffic patterns.

ECI will be introducing its 400G blade at of the following events during June 2015: Big Telecom Event, Chicago, IL, June 9-10 at booth # 701; WDM and Next Generation Optical Networking in Nice, France, June 22-25, booth #11.

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ECI delivers elastic network solutions globally to CSPs, utilities as well as data center operators. Along with its long standing, industry proven packet optical transport, ECI offers a variety of SDN/NFV applications, a comprehensive cyber security solution and a range of professional services. ECI’s ELASTIC solutions ensure open, future-proof, and secure communications. With ECI, customers have the luxury of choosing a network which can be tailor made to their needs today, while being flexible enough to evolve with their changing needs in the future. At ECI, customer success is our success. For more information, please visit us at

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