Originally posted to Data Center POST

In a recent article that appeared in Light Reading, “Time for an Edge Computing Reckoning,” Senior Editor Mari Silbey addressed the subject of edge infrastructure, especially where it concerned near-futuristic applications such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles and drones.

There’s no question that these are exciting, potentially transformative instances of connected things which will change how we live, work and play. But as Silbey asks, how practical are they for mass-market adoption given the present limitations in infrastructure? And what are the smart killer apps that will encourage network operators to anticipate favorable cost-revenue projections, supporting new investment to make them a reality?

Today, there is constant pressure on networks to satisfy intensive traffic requirements with the lowest possible latency — pressures that will only increase exponentially with the arrival of the IoT into our homes, businesses and communities. Gartner predicts that more than 21 billion IoT devices will come online by 2020.

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