EdgeConneX®, specializing in global data center solutions at the edge of the network, recently acquired the Linxdatacenter facility in Warsaw, Poland.  With this new facility, EdgeConneX can provide a broad customer base of network, content and cloud service providers for customers in Central and Eastern Europe seeking closer data center solutions.

This facility will help meet Poland’s specific demands driven by increased adoption of hybrid cloud, data regulations and provide the ability to serve as the gateway into neighboring countries. This location, poised to become one of Europe’s digital heavyweights, extends EdgeConneX’s footprint in the European market. The well-established carrier neutral data center located in the heart of Warsaw, will allow customers to be part of a highly connected digital ecosystem which ensures the seamless integration of customers into the EdgeConneX business.

The facility offers the flexibility to support deployments ranging from single racks to large custom cages or pods and has the capability to scale to support future capacity expansion requirements. Customers can connect to the neighboring LIM-Building ecosystem from a diverse fiber path.

EdgeConneX will continue to selectively expand into European markets, based on specific customer demand and particular market requirements. EdgeConneX collaborates with its customers to define and enable their solutions by identifying where their edge needs to be deployed or built, selecting optimal locations, designing premium facilities and then rapidly deploying infrastructure, while also solving for their scalable power and connectivity requirements. From 100kws to 100MW’s, EdgeConneX can build any-sized facility, in any market globally, to support any deployment for its customers.