EdgeConneXEdgeConneX® has announced a new partnership with DQE Communications, the Pittsburgh metro area’s leading provider of data networking services for business. The move will bring faster, more resilient Internet and connectivity to the region’s enterprises. EdgeConnex has long been a specialist in global data center solutions at the edge of the network and DQE Communications is the first fiber provider within EdgeConneX’s newly launched Pittsburgh Edge Data Center®. The announced partnership will provide EdgeConneX customers with access to DQE’s Metro Ethernet, Wavelength, Dark Fiber and Internet services.

dqe“Building directly into the Pittsburgh Edge Data Center allows us to offer businesses faster, more reliable connections into the facility, as well as access to high-bandwidth Internet, Ethernet and Wavelength services needed for day-to-day business,” said Jim Morozzi, president and CEO, DQE Communications. “At DQE, we are firmly committed to eliminating Internet congestion and enhancing connectivity for Pittsburgh-area enterprises, including content and healthcare providers, as well as financial firms.”

The private, secure and customizable Dark Fiber network provided by DQE enables smooth transmission of critical data, video and telephony traffic between enterprise facilities, and provides cost-effective transport to the Internet.  Reliable, fast and secure Ethernet services are also offered by DQE, ranging in speed from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps over its redundant, business-class fiber optic network. Through their three tiers of Internet access, organizations are provided the flexibility to customize a solution targeted to their business needs.  All services are provisioned over an all fiber network that is owned and operated by DQE and backed by carrier-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

“Connecting the EDC with DQE’s fiber network brings us one step closer to alleviating Internet congestion and enabling faster content delivery to end-users throughout the greater Pittsburgh area,” stated Clint Heiden, chief commercial officer, EdgeConneX. “With a dedication to the vitality of the Pittsburgh region as well as the ability to offer safe, secure, business-class connectivity solutions and superior Internet services, DQE Communications was an obvious partner for our Pittsburgh Edge Data Center.”

EdgeConneX specializes in the deployment of purpose-built, state-of-the-art hosting solutions at the edge of the network, enabling the Internet of Everywhere and the fastest physical delivery of content to end-users. To date, EdgeConneX has built 23 unique data centers across the United States to support the growing demand for bandwidth-intensive content and cloud applications.

For more information about EdgeConneX and its leading Edge of network infrastructure solutions for expanding and improving access to wireless and data communications, visit edgeconnex.com or email info@edgeconnex.com.