EdgeConneXDue to our reliance on the Internet to view TV content online as well as the growing use of mobile devices and proliferation of enterprise cloud services, 4K TV and Internet of Things (IoT), the industry has seen an explosion of traffic growth across its networks.  This growth is projected to increase even more at a 30 to 50 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years.  To further educate the market on these major shifts within data and content delivery, EdgeConneX® recently published the white paper: “The Growing Value of Content at the Edge,” featuring in-depth analysis of data traffic and its community impact.  The white paper is now available as a complimentary download on the EdgeConneX website.

Researched by analyst firm ACG Research, EdgeConneX’s latest white paper outlines specific findings revealing the nature of traffic growth during this major shift toward online streaming video content, alongside increased use of mobile devices and enterprise cloud services.  Data traffic is exploding with staggering rates making its way across networks every day, generating a need stronger than ever to research solutions that both enhance the end-user experience and keep costs low for providers.  Today, EdgeConneX is solving the challenge by creating a new Edge of the Internet through the deployment of its Edge Data Centers, bringing content closer than ever to consumers in order to provide a richer, high-quality customer experience.

This latest research helps define the “edge” as a location that reduces costs for both content providers and consumers, improves performance, or enhances the overall experience thanks to the localization of content closer to the user.  These findings conclude that the Internet market no longer lies solely within a few scattered peering locations throughout the nation.  The real solution to affordable, high quality content delivery lies within localizing content at the edge in order to deliver to subscribers in underserved markets.

EdgeConneX’s latest white paper also reveals the ways in which localization of traffic can reduce cost by billions of dollars for a large subscriber base, while simultaneously satisfying customers with high-performance content delivery.  As mobile devices, online multimedia, gaming, IoT and 4K TV continue to produce even larger traffic volumes, content delivery by way of traditional data centers and network architectures will become even more expensive due to transport costs, generating a need for superior hosting solutions at the edge of the Internet.

If you’re interested in reading EdgeConneX’s latest white paper, “The Growing Value of Content at the Edge,” in its entirety, please click here.