SmallCellAnother “small cell” success story is on the horizon.  Fresh off plans to kick-off a Vermont solution, EdgeConneX, a provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), space, power and connectivity solutions that uniquely combine mobile, wireline, and data center services bringing data to the edge of the network, recently announced their next small cell initiative to benefit the Northern Virginia region.

EdgeConneX most recently announced their Vermont initiative, a deployment of a rural small cell network for CoverageCo, a provider of carrier and technology-neutral cellular coverage services to underserved markets.  Their second project, already underway, is the development and deployment of a small cell network for a high profile, urban Northern Virginia mixed-use class “A” residential and retail properties.  This second project shows significant interest from the real estate developers and municipalities in leveraging the technology for the expansion of cellular network coverage.

The small cell networks solve the problem of mobile network expansion in light of the exponential growth and demand of high bandwidth mobile requirements from video and data traffic.  The networks are constructed with low-powered radio access nodes, strategically placed within small distances that extend service coverage into traditionally hard-to-reach areas such as mountainous regions, high-rise buildings and campus-style developments.  Small cell networks are compatible with a wide range of mobile technologies including GSM, CDMA, LTE, and WiMax, expanding the reach of both 3G and 4G networks.

EdgeConneX, with several small cell networks completed and in progress, has become the leading provider of these solutions in the market.  Small cell networks have become more and more important to real estate developers in search of affordable enhanced cellular network coverage.  EdgeConneX’s ability to design, construct and manage small cell networks for communities and businesses will improve communication capabilities within large developments throughout the country.  EdgeConneX is partnering with companies, communities and developers seeking superior cellular coverage for their customers.

EdgeConneX’s small cell network solutions are groundbreaking in that they are proven to allow carriers, municipalities, corporate campus environments, building owner-operators, and others the opportunity to address capacity constraints and expand coverage capabilities while overcoming certain physical challenges faced by today’s wireless networks.  Small cell solutions enable seamless connectivity for today’s increasingly connected consumer.

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