Electronic Environment Infrastructure SolutionsElectronic Environments Corporation (EEC) recently announced the hire of 30-year industry veteran Rob Nichols as Vice President of Strategic Solutions within the Mission-Critical Construction Services Division.  His role will include strategic business development and key account management across three major verticals: healthcare, finance, and life sciences.  EEC’s Mission-Critical Construction Services team has experience in the design and construction of over 20 million sq. ft. of mission-critical data center space.

Mr. Nichols’ experience encompasses revenue growth and project management within mission-critical construction environments including life science, healthcare, mixed-use construction, and international business development. As a builder executive and owner representative, he has been responsible for managing mission-critical telecom and data center projects totaling over four billion dollars. Nichols’ prior experience and professional traits will make him a valuable asset to the Mission-Critical Construction Services Division at EEC and will help EEC continue to provide the highest quality of service and expertise to its customers.

“With his proven aptitude for critical thinking and long record of successful business development as well as data center project execution, Rob is certain to be an asset to the EEC Mission-Critical Construction Services division.  EEC is dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service and expertise and we expect Mr. Nichols will help us continue facilitating this promise,” Ken Rapoport, Founder and CEO of EEC, said in a recent press release announcing the onboarding.

EEC focuses on designing, building and servicing data centers and other mission-critical facilities.  The company’s competitive advantage in the industry is its ability to achieve critical goals throughout a unified structure for data centers and to provide 24/7 support services to IT and facilities professionals that are directly involved and concerned about the uptime, costs and support required through the various stages of the mission-critical lifestyle.  This allows for data center customers to become more available, energy efficient, and much more.  Through the combination of its services known as Mission-Critical Lifecycle Services (MCLS)™, EEC helps its customers maintain the reliability and performance of their data center’s infrastructure.

For more information about Electronic Environments Corporation and its Mission-Critical Construction Services Division, please visit www.eecnet.com and http://www.eecnet.com/Mission-Critical-Construction-Services/.