In a world where connectivity is increasingly vital, the digital divide remains a pressing issue for many communities. However, a glimmer of hope shines upon the residents of Horseheads and Southport, New York, as Empire Access, a leading telecommunications provider, expands its coverage to these underserved areas. With this exciting development, residents and businesses can now access reliable high-speed internet, unlocking a world of opportunities and transforming the way they live, work, and connect.

Headquartered in Prattsburgh, New York, Empire Access is a provider of fiber optic-backed Internet services to communities in upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania which often lack reliable Internet access. In this latest expansion to Horseheads and Southport, Empire Access continues its strategic expansion in the region, shortly following its announced expansion into Endicott and Endwell. The fiber optic service provider, ranked the fastest Internet in the Northeast by PC Mag, will be available to home and business owners, Internet users, and local government during the Summer of 2023.

Jim Baase, CEO at Empire Access, states, “Each phase of our expansion is critical to our overall strategy to bring high-quality fiber Internet to New York’s rural southern communities. Our local support teams ensure that we maintain our deep local roots and our customers won’t ever see a price hike for our Internet services or promotion-ending costs. I want to welcome Horseheads and Southport to our growing family!”

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