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Bloomfield, New York, is about to experience a digital revolution as Empire Access, a renowned fiber internet service provider, announced its plans to expand its broadband network into the area. This expansion, set to be completed in the Fall of 2023, will offer residents and businesses in Bloomfield access to blazing-fast internet services, including WiFi, streaming, phone plans, and cutting-edge security solutions. Empire Access is committed to bridging the digital divide by bringing high-quality internet to smaller communities, and Bloomfield is the next destination on their mission to provide top-tier connectivity.

Empire Access: Connecting Communities with Unmatched Internet Speed

Headquartered in Prattsburgh, New York, Empire Access has built a strong reputation for providing high-speed fiber optic internet services across significant portions of New York’s Southern Tier and Northern Pennsylvania. Their focus on smaller communities, often underserved by larger internet providers, has set them apart in the industry. With a dedication to delivering exceptional service quality, Empire Access has earned recognition as the fastest internet provider in the Northeast, according to PCMag.

Affordable Internet with No Hidden Costs

One standout feature of Empire Access is its commitment to transparency and affordability. Unlike some providers that entice customers with temporary promotions only to raise prices later, Empire Access offers competitive pricing that remains stable over time. This commitment to straightforward pricing means customers can enjoy high-speed internet without the fear of hidden fees or sudden cost increases.

Jim Baase, CEO of Empire Access, expressed his excitement about expanding their services to Bloomfield, stating, “Internet services are in high demand, but not many network operators prioritize small communities the way we do. Empire Access understands what it means to provide a critical service and the trust placed in us everywhere we operate, so we maintain our customer support teams with community members to ensure we always maintain our deep local connection. We want to thank everyone in Bloomfield for accepting us in your community.”

A Suite of Services to Meet Every Need

Empire Access doesn’t just stop at providing ultra-fast internet. Their comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Streaming TV: Enjoy crystal-clear 100% HD picture quality, restart TV, Whole Home DVR, and much more.
  • Phone Plans: Covering all your favorite features, such as toll-free numbers, voicemail, hosted phone systems, and more, for both home and business use.
  • IoT Security and Home Automation: Gain peace of mind with 24/7 video monitoring, remote door locking/unlocking, appliance control, climate management, and more, all accessible from your computer or smart device.
  • Advanced Business Services: Elevate your business with enterprise Wi-Fi, high-security firewalls, business emails, audio and video conferencing, dark fiber, and metro-Ethernet.

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