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Empire Access, a leading fiber internet service provider, has taken another step towards enhancing connectivity and bridging the digital divide. With a strong commitment to providing high-speed internet to underserved communities, Empire Access has announced the expansion of its services to South Elmira, New York. This strategic move not only brings lightning-fast internet to the area but also reinforces Empire Access’ reputation as the fastest internet provider in the Northeast.

Connecting Communities, One Fiber at a Time

Empire Access has built a reputation for itself as a trailblazer in providing cutting-edge fiber-optic broadband services to rural communities. Its latest expansion to South Elmira is part of the company’s ongoing success story in Southern New York and Northern Pennsylvania. As construction progresses, the residents and businesses of South Elmira can anticipate enjoying the benefits of Empire Access’ award-winning internet services by the fall of 2023.

Empire Access: A Beacon of High-Speed Connectivity

Having earned the title of the fastest internet provider in the Northeast by PCMag, Empire Access has become synonymous with reliable, high-speed connectivity. Not content with merely offering internet services, the company goes above and beyond to meet the diverse needs of its customers. From enterprise-class WiFi to home automation, streaming TV, security solutions, and more, Empire Access is a comprehensive provider that understands the modern demands of connectivity.

Community-Centric Approach to Service

Jim Baase, CEO at Empire Access, emphasizes the company’s commitment to its community-based approach. With local support teams and employees who are embedded within the communities they serve, Empire Access takes a personalized approach to customer service. This ensures that customers not only benefit from top-notch technology but also from a deep understanding of their unique needs.

Baase highlights this approach, stating, “Our community-based approach to broadband buildouts ensures that we are always focusing our efforts on our customers. We maintain local support teams to ensure a deep connection with our customers because our employees live in these communities. Moreover, we understand our customers’ needs for affordable internet services, so they will never see promotion-ending price gimmicks, only affordable costs and great WiFi!”

A Holistic Range of Services

Empire Access doesn’t stop at offering high-speed internet. The company recognizes that modern connectivity encompasses more than just web browsing. Their array of services includes:

  • Streaming TV: Crystal-clear HD picture quality, restart TV, Whole Home DVR, and more
  • Home and Business Phone Plans: Covering features like toll-free numbers, voicemail, hosted phone systems, and more
  • IoT Security and Home Automation: 24/7 video monitoring, remote locking/unlocking of doors, appliance and climate control, security management, and more
  • Advanced Business Services: Enterprise WiFi, high-security firewalls, business emails, audio and video conferencing, dark fiber, and metro-Ethernet.

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