Northern Pennsylvania is home to a plethora of historic towns with deep routes in the region. The local communities are key to carrying on the history and traditions of these areas in their work, homes, and everyday lives. One such town, Carbondale, also known as “The Pioneer City,” will soon be expanding its community with the family-run and locally-driven broadband provider, Empire Access.

Empire Access, an Antin company, will begin offering its award-winning fiber optic services to Carbondale, PA, in the fall of 2023 to provide residents and businesses with rapid and reliable broadband connectivity options. Empire Access serves large areas of Pennsylvania and New York with the philosophy that a local team knows best what their town needs. With Empire Access, Carbondale’s businesses and residents alike will receive award-winning fiber optic services, including enterprise-class WiFi, TV, streaming, phone plans, and more.

Empire Access’ CEO, Jim Baase, reinforces the company’s commitment to Carbondale:

“Unlike our competitors, our local team members and facilities provide us a unique opportunity to become active members in the community. Carbondale is a landmark in history and we look forward to being a part of that story.”

Under the leadership of Jim Basse, Empire Access builds a locally-sourced team of experts who know their communities and understand what it means to welcome leading Internet connectivity for their businesses and homes. Carbondale is the latest community in which Empire Access has announced its entry. Across Northern PA, Empire Access also plans a fall 2023 completion for its build-outs in Williamsport and Scranton.

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