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The tech industry has long been known for its lack of diversity and gender representation. And, author Carrie Goetz, in her book “Jumpstart Your Career in Data Centers,” sheds light on the importance of breaking barriers and empowering women, veterans, and individuals from various backgrounds in the world of technology. In episode 37 of the NEDAS Live! Podcast, host Ilissa Miller, speaks with Goetz who provides key insights from her Amazon bestselling book, highlighting the significance of fostering inclusivity and supporting career growth in the tech industry.

Understanding the Tech Industry and Data Centers

During the discussion, Goetz provides an overview of the tech industry and the essential role of data centers.  For those who don’t know, data centers serve as the backbone of modern technology, powering everything from cloud computing to online services. Goetz emphasizes that understanding the role data centers play in our digital world  is crucial, as they play a core and pivotal role in our digital lives. By acquainting ourselves with the core components and processes involved in data centers, we gain valuable insights into the tech industry’s vast and interconnected ecosystem, and can better adapt to roles and opportunities to sustain, support, and contribute to the digital infrastructure driving nearly everything we do.

Cultivating Tech Talent from an Early Age

Goetz further stresses the importance of nurturing tech talent from a young age. She advocates for introducing coding academies to children early on, as it can serve as an entry point into the world of technology. While coding may not be everyone’s passion, the tech industry encompasses a myriad of roles and disciplines that cater to diverse interests and skill sets. By providing children with exposure to various technical skills, we can encourage more individuals to pursue careers in technology, regardless of their background or gender.

Retaining and Supporting Women in Tech

Goetz addresses the concerning attrition rate for women in the tech industry, which currently stands at 67%. One of the significant reasons for this high attrition rate is harassment and gender bias in the workplace. To address this issue, companies must foster a culture of respect and equality, creating an environment where women can thrive.

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