Driven by the increasing number of connected mobile and IoT devices, the demand for enhanced cloud connectivity continues to grow throughout the telecommunications industry. As one of the most disruptive technological trends of our time, cloud computing has inspired innovation around the world and is continually redefining the way enterprise organizations do business.

Recognized for its outstanding contribution to the evolving cloud industry, Enter, a leading global network and cloud services provider, was shortlisted for the ‘Best Cloud Innovative Operator’ award at Carrier Community’s upcoming GCCM Awards 2017 Berlin event. This recognition is presented to the company that has demonstrated the most innovative approach to cloud services over the past 24 months, functioning as a key enabler of connectivity and communications.

To satisfy the demand for cloud connectivity, Enter provides cloud services and resources to both developers and enterprises through its Enter Cloud Suite platform, the first European, OpenStack-based cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. This multi-region offering, available throughout Amsterdam, Milan and Frankfurt, provides a user-friendly dashboard to consolidate access to multiple cloud services, including computing, storage, network, DNS, CDN and support. With Enter Cloud Suite, users can create their own unique infrastructure or utilize Enter’s managed cloud services to deploy an effective connectivity solution.

GCCM Award-winners will be announced live at the first annual ceremonial dinner on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at BESL Meistersaal Berlin. For more information about Enter, click here.