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Data Center POST recently had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Verhoeven, Epsilon’s GM, Americas, to discuss the company’s North American strategy, including key services, target markets and the unique challenges of the region.

Epsilon is a network service provider, delivering a comprehensive suite of cloud-centric networking and enablement solutions that enable customers and partners to accelerate how they procure, manage and deliver global connectivity by combining on-demand infrastructure, automation, web-based portals and APIs.

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: As Epsilon executes its North American strategy, which services will be the central focus?

Epsilon, [Paul Verhoeven] (Epsilon- [PV]) Answer: There are four key offerings that comprise Epsilon’s core focus in North America. First, is our Last-Mile connectivity DIA and SD-WAN connectivity services. This is particularly important for our global customers, for whom the final mile is a key component to providing best-of-breed coverage throughout the U.S.

Next, we have our automated network backbone. Epsilon currently has 90 PoPs worldwide and 17 across the U.S. in five major markets, including New York, Ashburn, Miami, Dallas and St. Louis. This service is designed to provide customers with readily available access to cloud service providers and internet exchanges, enabling seamless global coverage.

The third focus is our global voice services and SIP Trunking offering. This solution offers a single supply for inbound services that helps customers establish global presence without the expense of building and deploying infrastructure.

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