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Evocative, a leading global provider of Internet infrastructure, has unveiled its latest offering – Evocative Metal. This enterprise bare metal service aims to evolve customers’ workload strategies by providing a scalable and cost-effective solution that rivals the performance, control, and flexibility of traditional public cloud options.

Evocative Metal

Evocative leverages its extensive experience in cloud-adjacent infrastructure to introduce Evocative Metal. This high-performance, customizable bare metal server solution is designed to offer ultimate control and flexible deployment options for resource-intensive applications. It presents streamlined management and cost-effectiveness, marking a shift in how enterprises approach their modern IT workloads.

Global Reach and Network Superiority

Evocative Metal is backed by Evocative’s global data center network, spanning 20 colocation facilities and 60 Points of Presence. With a presence in major metropolitan areas such as Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and more, Evocative provides its enterprise customers with access to reliable infrastructure across the globe.

Derek Garnier, CEO at Evocative, emphasized the importance of bare metal servers in overcoming challenges faced by organizations with traditional public cloud solutions. He stated, “It is critical that as our industry continues to innovate, enterprises can scale their CPU and GPU intensive workloads to incorporate new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, which could face limitations with traditional cloud solutions.”

Key Features of Evocative Metal:

  1. High Performance: Users can experience increased performance and lower latency with greater processing power, making Evocative Metal ideal for data-intensive workloads in AdTech, FinTech, gaming, research labs, AI, and Machine Learning.
  2. Complete Control: Evocative Metal provides direct access to compute resources and hardware-level performance, ensuring ultimate control and security for sensitive workloads.
  3. Increased Security: With 100% single-tenancy and access to hardware-level security protocols, Evocative Metal offers enhanced security, isolating critical workloads from potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Fast and Flexible Deployment: Customers can enjoy customizable options and the ability to bring their own software, allowing them to design their own environment tailored to their specific needs.

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