Originally posted on Data Center POST

Evocative, a leading global provider of Internet infrastructure, has announced its strategic partnership with Megaport, a prominent cloud interconnectivity service provider. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Evocative’s mission to empower businesses with seamless connectivity to the cloud, further solidifying its position as a key player in the digital infrastructure landscape. The partnership with Megaport enhances Evocative’s digital ecosystem by adding over 300 on-ramps and 360 service providers, further expanding its reach and capabilities. Through this initiative, Evocative customers gain access to a wider range of cloud service providers and technologies, facilitating their digital transformation journey.

Derek Garnier, CEO at Evocative, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the company’s dedication to customer success. He highlighted the partnership’s role in simplifying connectivity and providing scalable, cost-effective solutions tailored to meet evolving business needs:

“Our commitment to customer success drove us to this partnership, enabling us to simplify connectivity with a scalable, cost-effective solution. Evocative’s expanding footprint combined with Megaport’s worldwide infrastructure offers a wider range of options to our clients.”

With Megaport’s Software-Defined Network (SDN) and user-friendly portal, Evocative customers can deploy and scale connections up to 100 Gbps on demand, facilitating access to critical workloads such as next-generation cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Furthermore, Megaport customers can interconnect to Evocative Metal, enabling enterprise bare metal deployments with ease.

Evocative’s digital infrastructure capabilities, fortified by a global network spanning multiple metros and decades of industry expertise, empower customers to create tailored infrastructure solutions. With an open cloud ecosystem, customers have the flexibility to interconnect with their cloud resources, fostering greater agility and choice.

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