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Fiber connectivity to U.S. businesses continues to grow, driven by the demand for high-speed connectivity to the Internet, cloud services, off-premise data centers, and other services. As a result, the U.S. “Fiber Gap” – representing those commercial buildings still without fiber access – has dipped below 50 percent for the first time, according to Vertical Systems.

Fiber continues to increase in value as a strategic asset, driving much of the M&A activity in the industry.  That includes the latest merger agreement between ZenFi Networks and Cross River Fiber. Together, the companies will represent the leading communications infrastructure provider in the New York-New Jersey metro region, including more than 700 route miles of fiber optic network, 130 on-net buildings, 49 colocation facilities and 1,700 outdoor wireless locations with more than 3,000 under contract.

“The merger of ZenFi Networks and Cross River Fiber allows us to scale our communications infrastructure portfolio across the region, providing a robust fiber and colocation platform enabling the deployment of a wide range of digital services by mobile network operators, telecommunications service providers and large enterprises,” said Ray LaChance, CEO of ZenFi Networks. “The combination enhances our network reach, deepens our product portfolio, and delivers a next generation network infrastructure that is the foundation of tomorrow’s communications networks. In addition, our partnership with Ridgemont Equity Partners further strengthens ZenFi Network’s financial position by providing access to additional capital to continue to deliver on our vision of building the most pervasive and high capacity connectivity platform in the region.”

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