FiberLight LogoHigh-performance fiber optic network solutions provider FiberLight has successfully expanded its network deeper into Texas, the company recently announced. FiberLight is now connecting areas in the Texas valley along the Mexican border to major metropolises such as San Antonio, Houston and Dallas,  using a dedicated high-performance fiber optic network ring.

The expansion holds particular significance, as FiberLight is the first fiber provider in decades to build a network along this long-haul route. The network is now enabling service providers to directly connect with customers using a flexible, low-latency, diverse and fully redundant fiber network.

Following the announcement, FiberLight Chief Strategy Officer Ron Kormos spoke to how FiberLight’s expansion will benefit not just North American carriers, but also international ones.

“This new route offers enhanced national and international connectivity options while providing another avenue of survivability and continuity for service providers and content providers throughout Texas and beyond,” Mr. Kormos said.

The network is part of a larger and diverse 12,000-mile, 100G long-haul network. FiberLight now offers a fully-redundant, 100G ring that allows network traffic to flow through more than 120 data centers spanning from Washington, D.C., to the south coast of Florida, around to Texas, up through Atlanta and back to Washington, D.C. The network ring provides interconnection between multiple markets and subsea landing points, and enhances connectivity for thousands of on-net and near-net buildings, and hundreds of data centers, along the way. Moreover, the network has emerged as a critical resource for demanding U.S. government agencies and industries, which rely on FiberLight for best-in-class customer service, reliability and security.

FiberLight now owns over 1.6 million fiber miles across more than 44 metropolitan areas of the U.S. In Texas alone, the network spans more than 10,000 miles. The company also maintains over 17,000 backbone access points, 1,700 on-net locations and more than 100 data centers across the U.S.

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