Originally posted by: Kirk Newell, Digital Marketing Manager at Global Capacity

Global CapacityEnterprise customers want to be able to easily procure network connectivity for their unique business applications. For example, a connectivity solution for a retailer’s point of sale system at a price point that meets its budget and with a quality of service that meets its expectations. Depending on the business application, however, an enterprise may need multiple access technologies from multiple service providers in order to maximize service levels and performance.

ethernetHowever, in today’s complex, segmented landscape of network connectivity — where no one service provider owns connectivity everywhere — it is often difficult for enterprises to pair the perfect connectivity solution with the right business application. As many service providers are well aware, this kind of varying service delivery usually leads to fluctuating quality in the overall customer experience.

It is possible, however, for service providers to rise above today’s fragmented and convoluted connectivity marketplace by implementing these five best practices.

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