101543237In response to the increasing customer demand for scalability and network density in the downtown Toronto market, Cologix announced today its completed expansion in the 151 Front Street data center.  Cologix, a colocation and network neutral company, now has a 30,000 SQF footprint in the data center.  151 Front Street’s space, although it is Canada’s largest interconnection point, is selling quickly, reflecting the high demand for “connectivity rich downtown colocation.”  Not only is Cologix’s expansion in 151 Front Street reaching its capacity, but the entire building is as well.  This expansion may be one of the last opportunities to secure a footprint with in 151 Front Street.

President of Cologix Canada comments on the importance of 151 Front Street stating, “As wholesale space and retail colocation options are narrowing at 151 Front Street, we are excited about the opportunity to offer these unique suites to the Toronto market.”

Though Cologix’s two suites within the data center were pre sold, remaining space is still available for those searching for a shared colocation environment or a dedicated suite in the downtown Toronto area.  The new suites include modular power distribution, enabling customized
power delivery to the rack within 24 hours, Hot Aisle Containment with N+1 In Row cooling technology, real-time monitoring of environmental, electrical and security systems, connectivity to over 140 networks and service providers and multiple UPS configurations are available from N to 2N+1.

For more information about 151 Front Street please email torontosales@cologix.com or visit www.cologix.com.