Telecom Newsroom interview with Rod Stuhlmuller, VP of Product Marketing for Aviatrix

Rod Stuhlmuller is Vice President of Product Marketing for Aviatrix, a company delivering a cloud network platform for the advanced networking, security and operational visibility required by enterprises with the simplicity and automation of cloud. Hundreds of customers worldwide leverage Aviatrix and its proven multi-cloud network reference architecture to design, deploy and operate a repeatable network and security architecture that is consistent across any public cloud. Combined with the industry’s first and only multi-cloud networking certification (ACE), Aviatrix is empowering IT to lead and accelerate the transformation to the cloud.

As an experienced, early-stage technology market creation executive, Stuhlmuller brings over 25 years of product marketing experience and extensive knowledge across cloud, data center and mobile networking, network management, network security and AI.

Telecom Newsroom recently sat down with Stuhlmuller to discuss digital transformation, enterprise challenges, the ONUG Digital Live Fall event and more.

Telecom Newsroom, Question (TNR-Q): What is the one thing that differentiates Aviatrix within the industry?

Rod Stuhlmuller, Aviatrix, Answer (RS-A):  Aviatrix is a leader in Multi-Cloud Networking, redefining networking for the cloud and putting enterprise IT in control.

TNR-Q: What do you see as the biggest challenge facing enterprise networks today?

RS-A: A big challenge I see is the ability to maintain the simplicity and automation everyone expects from the cloud while also having common, advanced multi-cloud networking, security features and the enterprise-class operational visibility and control that enterprise IT operations teams require.

TNR-Q: In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, what advice do you want to give to enterprise networks for consideration today or in the future?

RS-A: Migration to the cloud is accelerating, and multi-cloud optionality is something every enterprise should be architecting for, because the business bringing new customers or M&A will demand it sooner rather than later.

TNR-Q: How do you define digital transformation and what is Aviatrix doing to help enterprise businesses adapt more effectively?

RS-A: Digital transformation is a move from traditional on-premises data center architecture and operational processes to a more agile, cloud-based architecture, simplified by day-one infrastructure as code automation and enterprise-class day-two operational visibility and control.

TNR-Q: What is one of the biggest challenges of enterprise digital transformation and how should it be addressed?

RS-A: Enterprise-class, multi-cloud networking and security capabilities, visibility and control which enterprises are used to on-prem, but quickly find are missing from native cloud service provider offerings.

TNR-Q: What is the one thing that enterprise companies need to be aware of as they embrace hybrid multi-cloud computing?

RS-A: Cloud service providers will tell you they do anything and everything and that you will meet every need in their cloud. Enterprise customers have advanced networking and security requirements that require a multi-cloud network platform to overcome the reality of significant gaps.

TNR-Q: What roles should Artificial Intelligence play in the enterprise?

RS-A: The foundation of AI is data. As multi-cloud solutions have access to more and more data and have the ability to intelligently interact with and control networking and security infrastructure, true security, performance and cost optimization will quickly evolve as AIOps.

TNR-Q: What is the most important driver of change taking shape today?

RS-A: Enterprises are actually making the move en masse to cloud — this is one of the most important drivers today.

TNR-Q: What products or services are you most excited to share with the enterprise community at the ONUG Digital Live Fall event?

RS-A: We’re very excited to share our Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform, which enables the simplicity and automation enterprises expect in the cloud with the operational visibility and control they require.

TNR-Q: Thank you for chatting with us. To learn more about Aviatrix, please visit