Global Capacity LogoLeading connectivity as a service provider Global Capacity has officially released Connect Marketplace, the next evolution of its award-winning service lifecycle manager software.

Connect Marketplace allows carriers, service providers and system integrators to quickly and easily browse available data connectivity services by geographic location. This solution is built to streamline the design of multisite network architectures. It allows customers to quickly identify, price and order connectivity solutions from a single hub while also providing greater intelligence and visibility into the process and eliminating risk.

Using Connect Marketplace, customers can design purpose-built networks for applications like cloud, video, voice, storage and retail point-of-sale solutions, with real-time requirement monitoring for identifying optimal network price and performance.

As of now, Connect Marketplace is offering the ability to view service options based on network costs, service technologies, contract terms, latency and preferred interconnection points.

 “With Connect Marketplace, Global Capacity has delivered on its commitment of Connectivity Made SimpleTM, making technology barriers disappear so anyone can create the network they need,” commented Cornelia Pool, Chief Digital Officer of Global Capacity. “One Marketplace® plays a critical role in next-generation WAN delivery by providing visibility into the right connectivity for the right applications at the right price at each location.”

It’s easy to see what makes Connect Marketplace such a powerful network design application when you delve into its main offerings. Connect Marketplace offers a single transparent view of hundreds of services and technologies, and allows end-users to visualize site inventories with dynamic geographic maps. Custom filters allow for “what if” scenarios, resulting in more informed decision-making.

Connect Marketplace also enables click and drag bulk upload for thousands of locations, making the process simple. Users can get a network order started with a single click, and save, export and share project design options during the buying process.

To learn more about Connect Marketplace, schedule a demonstration today.