Global CapacityGlobal Capacity recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of LATTIS, prompting the organization to reflect on the many accomplishments and significant growth it has experienced over the last quarter century. These achievements have helped the company flourish into one of the industry’s fastest-growing connectivity as a service companies.

LATTIS has grown from being the first graphical interface pricing tool in the history of the telecom industry to cover over 325 tariffs across more than 300 carriers.  Tariffs covered via LATTIS include Federal Communications Commission (FCC), state, local exchange and unbundled local loop for Ethernet, Local Private Line, Special Access, Switched Access, Inter-LATA Long-haul, SONET Ring and Wavelength services.  Today, the oldest application of Global Capacity’s award-winning suite of connectivity applications boasts more than 4,500 end-users.

Global Capacity’s LATTIS has proven to be an indispensible resource for carriers, integrators and service providers around the world, providing unmatched transparency into the fragmented access market.  The application offers users a streamlined process for converting addresses, postal codes and other location information into geographical coordinates of business sites.

LATTIS is now the preeminent database of global tariff rates, streamlining the ability to deliver accurate tariff quotes to customers in a quick and cost-effective way, reducing the time and effort of identifying and sourcing access network solutions.  The automated application also eliminates the need for multiple systems, resulting in more business wins as well as improved customer satisfaction.

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