Global Capacity

On March 25, Global Capacity announced the opening of a new One Marketplace (OMP) Point of Presence (PoP) in Minnesota’s most connected building, 511 11th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN.  This new PoP delivers diverse route options, competitive pricing and network services to wholesale and enterprise customers, supporting rising bandwidth requirements driven by the Cloud, mobility and overall globalization.

 What is One Marketplace?

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace combines an interconnected, aggregated network with a cloud application that simplifies the wholesale procurement of network solutions.  The platform not only eliminates the inefficiency of a fragmented network market, it also allows for full network visibility and management and ensures the best customer experience by providing a single interface through which to design, price and fulfill multi-network, multi-geography needs – all via a single contract, SLA and point of contact.

What This Means for Midwest Providers

Global Capacity’s Minneapolis PoP adds an additional access point to the One Marketplace platform throughout the Midwest by directly connecting into the company’s 30 Gbps core, interconnected diverse national network ring. Businesses in the Minneapolis metro area, as well as those located in rural Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, can now benefit from extended network reach and competitive pricing from a single-source provider.

The OMP Minneapolis PoP in Minneapolis’ 511 Building also offers businesses and service providers connectivity to more than 360 Internet service providers, cloud, financial, education and government platforms, and 80+ national, regional and local carrier networks, Internet backbones and exchanges.

Why Minneapolis?


Historically dubbed the ‘city of lakes’, these days, Minneapolis has also taken on the identity of the primary business center between Chicago and Seattle.  The city, boasting many Fortune 1000, S&P 500 and Forbes 400 private companies, also serves as a major Midwest hub.

Global Capacity is also a member of the Minnesota Telecom Alliance (MTA), a trade association that advocates and represents the interests of more than 70 small, medium and large companies that provide advanced telecommunications services like voice, data, wireless video, and high-speed Internet access to Minnesota’s metropolitan and rural communities.

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