Wireless internet connection is utilized by businesses and individuals alike in endless facets of everyday life. Within the D.C/Maryland/Virginia (D.M.V.) region, many people who require high speed connectivity are unable to access it in certain locations. This is especially true for marginalized communities. This digital divide shows how access to wireless internet has been often overlooked or ignored in certain underserved areas. Harbor Link Holdings LLC, a Maryland-based telecommunications infrastructure company, has created a cost-effective solution to offer more accessible, rapid 5G wireless connectivity to those who need it.

On Tuesday, January 25th, Harbor Link announced that they have broken ground on a new 60-mile, diverse conduit route set to enhance connectivity between Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. Designed to meet the wireless demands of the surrounding populace, the route features conduit for fiber optic cables to enable multi-path, high-speed connectivity. To reach these high speeds demanded, Harbor Link has designed the ideal route to maximize its reach, traveling on dual-diverse paths alongside I-95 and Maryland’s RT-97, and offering over 300 easy access points along the way. Their rapid connectivity, clocking in at under 1 millisecond, will provide secure dark fiber capacity to enable wider wireless 5G access from Baltimore to Northern Virginia.

At the groundbreaking event, Felix Dialoiso, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Harbor Link, affirmed that the goal of this initiative is to provide broad, reliable wireless capabilities to underserved communities and businesses across the region; to lift these communities up and help bridge the digital divide. With construction now underway, more affordable wireless access is expected to be available in Baltimore and the surrounding area as soon as 2023, with possible expansions around the Mid-Atlantic region over time.

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