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host_in_Ireland_22Irish Tech News chatted with Garry Connolly @GconnTec, president of Host in Ireland  @hostinireland about their proactive, cross industry initiative, which could give Ireland many future employment opportunities in data hosting, management and analytics.

Ireland’s five P’s : Pipes, policy, power, pedigree, people

The 5 X P’s (Policy, Pedigree,  People , Power and Pipes) all combine to make Ireland a highly attractive place place to Host Data.

Store the data here, the data centres and data analytics will follow

Once you become the compelling place for the data to be hosted, the centres will follow.

PROOF-HOST-IN-IRELAND-BIS-CARD-FRONT-01-7-2000x1294It’s an exciting time for technology with the rapid growth of computing power now bringing into reach a whole range of helpful applications to our health, lifestyles and much much more. The amount of data we create is only going to go up and up. This creates a massive opportunity for those countries that offer great places to locate this data.

If you can be the place, the country where the data is stored, then you increase the likelihood of being the place where the data centres are built.  Which increases the likelihood of being the place where the data is analysed and the value extracted from it.

This is Gary Connolly’s vision and game plan. Host in Ireland is the Irish platform going after this highly logical goal of hosting the world’s data. There are great benefits to the local economy of being the location of choice for storing data. However even better is that you host the data, you create even more possibilities for future business opportunities too. Host in Ireland’s goals fit into a wider ecosystem that Ireland is already developing. As the recent interview with Brian Caulfield, Director of the UCD Insight Centre for Data Analytics illustrates.

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