By Laura Barnett, Content Writer

At iMPR, Thanksgiving has really got us thinking. In fact, with all this holiday prep, we’ve realized something. Our Public Relations company is very much like a Thanksgiving dinner. Let us explain.

When you sit down to the table on Thanksgiving, a veritable feast is laid before you, complete with delicious delicacies as far as the eye can see. This is exactly how we like to approach our craft at iMiller Public Relations. We strive to serve our clients everything they could possibly want by including all the trimmings and side dishes, and it begins with assembling our chefs. Our carefully curated team has registered employees in 13 states all over America. Each delivers their own unique, top-tier thought leadership skills, and all work tirelessly to bring our clients the same meaningful relationships that we ourselves thrive on.

While your plates are filled with sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce and stuffing (at least two different kinds), we make sure our clients are helping themselves to the good ‘stuff’ too. Services like strategic communications, product marketing, event planning, competitive analysis, content development and more are all necessary for nourishing a business’s heart and soul (more like their ambition and goals). As a result, each has a special place on our plate as a public relations company, helping us to be a well-rounded and successful partner.

Of course, the measure of any good Thanksgiving repast is and always will be: the turkey. Once you get past the mashed potatoes and the green bean casserole, the bird really is the main event, the meat of the meal. Much like the Thanksgiving turkey is the centerpiece of dinner, our deep industry expertise is at the heart of our table. It’s the protein that powers us and our clients. No, we’re not talking about that dreaded dry stuff, we mean the sumptuous, juicy, dreamy stuff that you can’t wait to dive into. Our cutting-edge innovation, proven industry prowess and collaborative corporate culture ensure that we are always serving up the best of the best. Ultimately, just like your Thanksgiving meal, our work at iMPR is a labor of love.

In the end though, Thanksgiving is less about what you’re eating and more about who you’re sharing your table with. At iMPR, we are so grateful to have both a wonderful team of talented industry professionals and an array of remarkable clients, all of whom we consider our family. We love the people we do business with, and we want them to have that “oh boy, here comes the turkey” feeling every day.  That’s why our services are lovingly made to fulfill and enrich our clients, giving them the sustenance that their business thrives on and the nutrients they need to grow and shine.

It takes a lot to make all of this possible, and though all the components of this business may put a lot on our plates (pun intended), goals like these are the light that lead us home. This holiday, the iMPR family is truly blessed to do what we do, and the trust and appreciation from our clients fills our bellies day in and out. The press releases, articles, blogs and social posts about our clients create our own magnificent Thanksgiving Day parade, but we get to see it day in and out. And we really wouldn’t have it any other way.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.