Originally published to NEDAS.

In the contemporary landscape of telecommunications, the rules of the game and the methods through which it’s played are constantly changing and shifting. As the industry innovates and develops, spaces are opening up for massive enterprise markets. Especially in an age when wireless communications with ubiquitous coverage are so vital to end users, whether they’re streaming video or talking on the cell phone, enterprise Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) have become a focal point.

At the NEDAS 2018 NYC Summit, Jeffery Fuller, Vice President of sales and marketing at Intelibs, gave a presentation regarding these market changes and how the DAS evolution affects the industry landscape.

As demands rise and DAS becomes widely implemented, cost is becoming a roadblock for carriers. As a result, Fuller describes the market need for a new cost economic system. Enterprise DAS is heating up and with it comes trends that allow carriers to save in new and novel ways. Currently, the market is moving away from carrier-owned, high venue systems towards centralized and virtualized carrier systems as a way to reduce expenses. However, as signal sources move away from client venues and end up far from DAS head ends, the next big hurdle becomes how to extend the remote source signal out to DAS sites.


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