Hybrid cloud has emerged as a top enterprise connectivity trend. In fact, according to a recent study from Right Scale, hybrid cloud is the preferred enterprise strategy in 2017.

While interest in hybrid cloud has been growing for several years, many enterprises are still finding it difficult to get started due to deployment and management complexities. But now, these processes are much easier to handle thanks to a new partnership between leading enterprise cloud solutions provider Unitas Global, global interconnection and data center company Equinix, and Microsoft Azure™.

This strategic partnership delivers an end-to-end hybrid cloud solution that will help enterprises consume private and public cloud services with full transparency and greater ease. The partnership combines Unitas Global’s expertise in designing, deploying and managing hybrid cloud solutions, Microsoft Azure’s leading public cloud and Equinix’s data center and interconnection services. It also provides application enablement and multi-cloud orchestration capabilities, as well as an extensive global reach for connectivity into any global market.

This solution will help businesses overcome issues related to the security, connectivity, scale and management of multiple cloud and infrastructure providers. It leverages Equinix’s global footprint of 150 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers and interconnection capabilities, thus enabling end users to deploy mission critical applications in any market.

“The partnership between Unitas, Equinix, and Microsoft Azure creates the optimal trifecta for a successful enterprise hybrid cloud solution: global reach, multi-cloud orchestration, and end-to-end management and provisioning,” stated Patrick Shutt, CEO, Unitas Global.  “Unitas works hand-in-hand with customers to design secure, easy-to-consume hybrid cloud solutions that are fully managed and monitored 24x7x365.”

Equinix Vice President of Global Technology Partners and Alliances, Greg Adgate, also commented on the partnership.

“As a longtime partner of Unitas Global and one of the first data center providers to offer direct and private interconnection to Microsoft Azure via Microsoft ExpressRoute on Equinix Cloud Exchange™, Equinix is an ideal partner for end-to-end hybrid cloud solutions,” Adgate explained.  “Our real-time interconnection capabilities and global footprint of best-in-class data centers spanning 21 countries and 41 business metros enable enterprise customers to accelerate their hybrid cloud strategies on a global scale.”

Unitas Global, Equinix and Microsoft Azure are currently at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, April 10-13 in Las Vegas. To request an on-site briefing, email pr@imillerprcom.