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With the global movement towards digital transformation, coupled with new regulations around data privacy and security, multinational businesses are looking for the best locations to site their data centers.Thanks to a number of favorable features, Ireland has been rapidly building a reputation as a prominent data hosting hub. Connectivity to Europe and the Americas, high bandwidth capacity, cost efficiency, and power availability and reliability all make it an ideal location for data hosting.

Host in Ireland builds awareness of Ireland as a prime location for businesses looking to expand or relocate their data centers. As part of that initiative, it has recently updated its “Ireland’s Data Hosting Industry 2018 Q1” report. The update speaks to the sustainability of Ireland’s data center industry, building on the baselines established in the original report.

The update indicates that of the current investment in the market, hyperscale overshadows all other data center types, consuming 74 percent of the total 480 MW capacity. That total capacity increased in Q1 2018 from 420 MW, and the report projects that more than €1.1 billion will be spent on building out data centers in the market this year. It predicts total investment of €9 billion by 2021.

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