ibasisCHICAGO– May 12, 2015 – iBasis, a KPN company, today announced the launch of its FraudAlert™ advanced fraud management system.  iBasis developed FraudAlert to enable carriers and service providers to better protect their revenue and customers from  fraudulent calling activity.

By continuously scanning all traffic, FraudAlert analyses all CDR’s in near real-time and alerts the iBasis customer when suspicious traffic is detected. The system analyses multiple metrics including call duration, b-numbers and call volume, and as soon as unsolicited traffic is detected, automatically sends alerts to the customer.

Typical fraud management solutions only block detected fraudulent traffic, which results in those calls being returned to the originating operator often to be re-routed on to another international carrier. The iBasis solution provides customers the advanced capability of automatically taking definitive action to discontinue the fraudulent traffic before it can cause any additional loss of revenue. Customers can easily configure on-line thresholds based on their own severity preferences: when thresholds are met, detected fraud is automatically disconnected. Fraud managers can also choose to keep control and take action manually after receiving alerts, via email or SMS. FraudAlert provides customers a complete view and record of alerts via the iBasis customer portal.

“With international telecom fraud estimated to cost the industry more than $45 billion annually, protecting business from fraud has become a major concern for our customers. We have worked very closely with them to develop very sophisticated analytics and a powerful solution to cost-effectively protect them from fraud attacks,” said Gert-Jan Huizer, SVP of Voice and Messaging Services at iBasis.

FraudAlert detects a multitude of fraud types today, and iBasis is continuously enhancing the algorithms to ensure its ability to detect new emerging fraud practices.

About iBasis

A wholly-owned KPN company, iBasis is a leading international voice carrier and a provider of data services and solutions for mobile operators.  The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of voice termination services and data services, including messaging, signaling and roaming, for many of the world’s largest fixed and mobile operators, as well as “over-the-top” and voice-over-broadband service providers. iBasis customers include KPN and its mobile operators and more than 1,000 other providers around the world. The company can be reached at its worldwide headquarters in Burlington, Mass., USA at +1 781-505-7500 or at www.ibasis.com.

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