Investing in the future of your employees is essential, especially in times where a large portion of work is being done from home. Access to today’s knowledgeable, reliable, and talented workforce has almost become a competitive sport and by training individuals in basic and advanced business concepts, a team becomes more valuable while preparing to enter the greater industry.

iMiller Public Relations (iMPR), an award-winning consulting and Public Relations firm for the global digital infrastructure industry, announces its commitment to global digital infrastructure workforce development through the formal introduction of its professional development program. This program recruits, develops, and empowers individuals interested in careers in data center, network infrastructure, and telecommunications.

This program is the basis of iMPR’s recruiting best practices which promises young, rising stars the opportunity to develop their own careers in the digital infrastructure industry. iMPR employees are mentored and provided professional development opportunities where they gain access to programs that help them learn about the industry and its technology, while gaining insights to their own strengths and interests.

“The entire team at iMPR takes pride in the work we do for our global roster of clients,” comments Ilissa Miller, Founder and CEO of iMiller Public Relations. “Through an array of Public Relations services including press release writing, content development, research, event and trade show management, social media program development and more, we help develop and hone each individual’s personal skills, while exposing them to a multitude of areas of interest for them to explore the direction in which they want their careers to go.”

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