As cloud traffic increases, it’s become essential for enterprises to be able to access hyperscale cloud providers at the edge of the network easily and securely.

To that end, EdgeConneX® has announced a new partnership with Faction that will provide expanded multi-cloud service offerings for its customers across its Edge Data Centers® (EDCs) portfolio. Faction’s first deployment is already complete in the Portland EDC, and Denver will follow by the end of the year.

EdgeConnex offers an advanced Internet ecosystem, offering onramps to major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud and more. Its Portland and Denver EDCs are located in close proximity to provider aggregation points, ensuring the lowest latency data delivery along with enhanced security and quality of service for Faction customers.

These state-of-the-art, purpose-built EDCs also provide Faction with a robust Internet ecosystem and access to leading cloud providers at the Edge of the network. Partnering with EdgeConneX enables Faction to rapidly expand its multi-cloud service offerings and provide greater access to private enterprises.

“EdgeConneX is the nexus of interconnection in a very heated Portland hyperscale cloud market, and being a cross-connect away will enable our multi-cloud solutions and go-to-market strategy,” explained Luke Norris, CEO of Faction. “Our partnership will enhance our ability to build storage pools between hyperscale cloud providers with maximum control as we continue to shape the future of multi-cloud computing for our customers.”

In the Denver and Portland facilities, Faction will offer connectivity directly from a reliable and secure EDC, delivering affordable and high-performance VMware based clouds along with Administrator-level access to VMware vCenter for unparalleled control, flexibility, and integration capabilities in multi-cloud and hybrid deployments.

Clint Heiden, chief commercial officer of EdgeConneX, commented on the partnership.

“As cloud traffic rises exponentially, it is essential to provide access to innovative cloud service providers and partners that can help companies realize their strategic and commercial objectives,” explained Heiden. “The launch of Faction’s multi-cloud service offerings at our Portland and Denver Edge Data Centers underscores our commitment to making it easier for customers to reach the cloud and take advantage of industry-leading cloud technologies all in one secure edge location.”

EdgeConneX offers purpose-built, power-dense data center solutions that enable the fastest delivery of data to end-users. EdgeConneX has created a new Edge of the Internet by designing and deploying facilities that are positioned nearest to network provider aggregation points, ensuring ultra-low latency data delivery along with improved security and quality of service.

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