Originally posted on Data Center POST

As conferences, trade shows and events retake center stage post-pandemic, companies need to gain access to proven resources to assure effective execution and ROI. Two skillful companies have just teamed up to offer these resources, making it easier to access a proven team to assure your trade show and event programs are strategically thought through, planned, and expertly executed.

Following nearly two years of minimized in-person conference participation, iMiller Public Relations (iMPR) and Team Bax have partnered to provide the most comprehensive and effective event and trade show management services in the industry.

The program titled Trade Show and Event Management Have Never Been Easier offers companies access to more than 50 years of combined experience to effectively plan, implement, support, and measure their event and trade show participation.

“Partnering with Team Bax is a no-brainer for iMPR. Our comprehensive planning and dedicated focus on message development and amplification provide our collective clients with unsurpassed expertise that reap rewards even before clients arrive onsite,” says Ilissa Miller, Founder and CEO of iMPR.

Founded by Naaz Bax, Team Bax has over 20 years’ experience running events and telecom conference participation. The industry events specialist says, “Combining my passion for getting our clients the best deals while overseeing every detail, and with iMPR’s strategic public relations expertise and market reach, we are able to leapfrog years of lackluster achievement to deliver defined and measurable returns for our clients.”

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