Green is the new black.

Infomart LogoToday, more and more companies are becoming environmental advocates to protect our ecosystem. Recognizing critical issues that are too close for comfort – such as the severe drought in California – many responsible companies are taking action to utilize resources in a way that can make a positive environmental impact. This is no simple task and takes patience and a little ingenuity, but for those willing to commit, the results will yield great reward.

Infomart Data Centers is one company that is taking matters into its own hands as it adapts its operationsInfomart Data Center Cali to become more sustainable. Infomart was the first to achieve a LEED Gold Certification for its multi-tenant data center in California, and continues to raise the bar for competitors by committing to the use of recycled water as a cooling agent for mechanical infrastructure and landscape irrigation at its Silicon Valley location.

Data centers are notorious for wasting potable water every day in an attempt to cool infrastructure in high-density server environments. In fact, a 15 MW data center can use up to a whopping 360,000 gallons each day in a typical scenario. Infomart has taken the proper steps to conserve the precious resource, implementing infrastructure that enables a shift to the utilization of gray water – a process the company expects will save 800,000 to one million gallons of potable water every month. Tenants can also rest assured that Infomart’s usage of gray water will not damage infrastructure. The data center provider’s state-of-the-art water quality sensors monitor potentially harmful or corrosive chemicals.

Infomart Data Center Inside BlogIn the end, this switch is a win-win for all as Infomart continues to uphold its commitment to building energy-efficient, sustainable data centers, while simultaneously serving a greater purpose by reducing potable water usage and aiding the public utility by easing pressure on strained supplies.

If you would like to learn more about Infomart and its latest sustainability developments, please read the full release here.