Infomart Logo2015 was a year of significant growth for Infomart Data Centers, the national wholesale data center provider recently announced.  The announcement came about one year after Infomart Data Centers, which was the result of a merger between Fortune Data Centers and Dallas Infomart, was established.

As President of Infomart Data Centers John Sheputis explained following the announcement, since the merger the company has been hard at work assembling a strong executive team, a national sales force and an inventory of best-in class technologies. What’s more, the company has generated more than $240 million in leasing commitments from both existing and new data center tenants, which exceeds its initial growth projections.

“We competed against the best firms in the business and won several trophy clients on the basis of better design and sustainability,” he said. “We have premium expansion capacity available in the nation’s best markets, which makes us confident for growth in 2016 and beyond.”

Infomart Data Centers has also placed a strong focus on enhancing its technologies and facilities to be more energy-efficient and sustainable.  Infomart Silicon Valley, for instance, is now in the process of using gray water for its surrounding irrigation and mechanical infrastructure. The facility also features 7 MW of contiguous, move-in ready space, making it an enticing option for companies in the crowded Silicon Valley region.

Besides its Silicon Valley location, Infomart Data Centers has also been implementing major changes across several of the Company’s sites, including Hillsboro, Ore., Ashburn, Va. and Dallas.  From the completion of a 3 MW multi-tenant data hall and carrier-neutral Building Meet-Me Room (BMMR) in Dallas, to gaining approval for Direct Access power service at its Portland data center, to continuing renovations to add 5.6 MW of capacity to its Ashburn facility by late 2016, Infomart has made tremendous strides in 2015 and is confident for growth in 2016 and beyond.

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