Infomart LogoA tenant of national wholesale data center provider Infomart Data Centers has expanded its IT operations at Infomart Portland.  The expansion will add 125 staff members to the tenant’s existing IT operation, bringing IT operations staff total at the facility to approximately 200 full-time workers.

Why did the tenant choose Infomart Portland for its expansion needs? The data center, like all of Infomart’s facilities, offers shared meeting and event space, comfortable tenant lounges and first class amenities for conducting daily business. What’s more, Infomart Portland was recently approved as a Direct Access (DA) customer by Portland General Electric (PGE), meaning the company can now select the energy mix it uses in its data center, as well as its energy suppliers.  

“We have always thought of Hillsboro, Oregon as a destination market for IT operations,” explained President of Infomart Data Centers John Sheputis following the announcement. “It’s gratifying when one of our clients significantly expands its operations, and chooses to bring their jobs to the communities in which our facilities are located,” he said.

In mid-summer 2016, Infomart Portland will complete a 16 MW and 100,000 square-foot expansion that will increase existing space to 25 MW and 350,000 square feet — thus making it the largest merchant data center in Oregon. It’s also one of the largest facilities on the West Coast.

Among those who have recently voiced their enthusiasm for the recent tenant expansion at Infomart Portland is Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey.

“We are ecstatic to see Infomart create another 125 good-paying jobs here in Hillsboro, and we are working to help businesses continue to create new employment opportunities for residents in Hillsboro and the region,” Willey explained following the announcement.

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