Capacity Magazine, issued by Capacity Media, an essential source of news and events in the telecommunications wholesale carrier and service provider marketplace, recently released this year’s Capacity Power 100 list. The list, which features wholesale telecom’s most influential individuals, is the first global index of innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers across voice, data, messaging, subsea, data center, and beyond. As a part of the Power 100, these individuals are spotlighted as agents of change throughout the industry and across the world, helping to make waves, promote positive transformation and drive critical progress.

A few familiar faces were among the 100 this year, so we’d love to take some time to highlight this recognition and discuss what makes these industry players an influential bunch.

Nigel Bayliff, CEO of Aqua Comms – From the company’s work on the Continental Edge, where it’s helping to deliver best-of-breed subsea capacity solutions, to its three new cable builds (AEC-2, CC-2 and NSC), Aqua Comms and Bayliff are in the business of ensuring the efficacy of our connected world.

Tom Brown, CEO of DataGryd – As DataGryd builds out their Megasuite 6 to further enhance the New York data center scene, Brown remains at the center of the company’s strategy and growth, boosting the iconic 60 Hudson Street facility to new heights and augmenting capabilities.

Rick Calder, CEO of GTT Communications – Calder is at the forefront of GTT, leading the company in its success as an eminent telecom industry disruptor specializing in connecting people across organizations, around the world and to every application in the cloud. He has helped the company secure awards, expand services and complete huge M&A activity.

Brian Cox, CEO of STACK INFRASTRUCTURE – Cox helped to spearhead STACK’s new trajectory as it rebranded from Infomart, and as a result has facilitated new growth and success for the company, including development of a hyperscale data campus and other strategic initiatives.

Oliver Jones, CEO of Chayora – Chayora is a powerhouse of data center campuses in China and a trusted digital infrastructure partner. As co-founder and CEO of the company, Jones has been keeping the organization innovative with strategic partnerships, plentiful facilities (with more on the way) and a leading global presence in the industry.

Victoria Lamberth, CRO of ZenFi Networks – Lamberth has been a part of ZenFi’s story since inception and has continued to guide the company as it builds upon its one-of-a-kind, truly 5G-capable network. Since their merger with Cross River Fiber, ZenFi Networks has expanded their reach, delivering innovative, scalable solutions to empower critical network densification.

Hunter Newby, Founder of Newby Ventures and Board Member at 1025Connect – Newby is an industry-recognized authority on network-neutral interconnection and data centers, and as such has allied himself with 1025Connect as it works to connects the digital economy. As a board member, Newby has helped steer the company as it works on the Continental Edge and beyond.

Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX – Serving as manager and developer of DE-CIX since 1996, Summa has been instrumental in creating a leading company that provides premium network interconnection services and owns the top internet exchanges in the world. Most recently, the company has partnered with Seaborn to help empower the growth of subsea.

We extend our sincere congratulations to every member of the telecommunications community that appeared on this edition of the Power 100 list. It is because of these pioneering industry minds that we all can enjoy a more synergistic, productive and connected world.

To see Capacity Magazine’s full 2019 list, click here to read their April/May issue.