INOC Logo with 1-line Tag (4)Widespread data center deployments and the need for 100G solutions are driving the rapid growth of global optical networking.  INOC, a 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and global provider of outsourced optical and other infrastructure monitoring, reporting and support services, is meeting these mounting industry needs by expanding its optical network services portfolio to provide customers the high-quality, cost-effective network services they require to keep up with market demand.

INOC recently announced the addition of Brian Parker to its executive team as Director of the Company’s new Optical Network Services Division. As a former INOC team member, Mr. Parker now returns to the company with over 20 years of experience in the optical networking industry. Leveraging his extensive industry background in data and voice communications technologies, Mr. Parker will design customized network solutions for INOC’s enterprise and carrier customers.

According to Mr. Parker, the launch of INOC’s Optical Network Services Division broadens the opportunity to support customers in any and every optical networking need and decision. INOC’s vast array of proven tools, processes and procedures are key to envisioning, designing, building and supporting resilient and customized optical network solutions for customers.

With an extensive background in installing and managing long-haul and metro area fiber systems, municipal networks, cable operator and Competitive Local Exchange Carrier / Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC / ILEC) telecom network solutions, Mr. Parker will be an asset to INOC’s new division. The Company’s Optical Network Services Division will offer end-to-end optical networking services including, strategic planning and design, vendor selection and equipment specification, provisioning, ongoing 24×7 network monitoring and support and more.

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