In a digital world with ever-evolving requirements and expanding demands, legacy infrastructure is often the nemesis of advancement. While much of the technological world has adopted new and innovative tactics to enable businesses and users to support emerging applications, some aspects remain stuck in the past. When it comes to networking in telecom, the ability to turn up or buy services on a very short timeline via cloud-based portals or virtualized systems isn’t widely available. However, an instantaneous, scalable approach to service is the direction telecom needs to head in if it wants to keep pace with the expanding business requirements of modern companies. 

Jezzibell Gilmore, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Co-Founder of PacketFabric, a private Network-as-a-Service platform that delivers secure and scalable network connectivity, recently sat down to discuss this challenge, her views on the industry, and more with the jumbleThink Podcast

“In order to understand what we do, you have to understand what the demand is,” says Jezzibell. “The need for data has become so intense… now there’s a need for private networking at a much higher capacity.” Customer requirements now include connecting instantly to another entity or connecting to cloud service providers, along with transferring data both quickly and securely. 

PacketFabric has created a private network that serves as an Internet bypass, utilizing a combination of software, network automation, and optical technological advancements. The result is a network-as-a-service platform that provides customers and partners with reliability, performance, and ease of use. “We use the analogy of having private roads and a toll road. We are the toll road, in a sense, that you can pay to use and get from one place to another very quickly without congestion,” she adds.

When asked about her childhood, Jezzibell noted that she loved to sculpt, which enabled her to have a three-dimensional visualization of the world around her. She added, “I think that really helped me with networking as well, because I’m able to visualize how the network actually comes together in a three-dimensional fashion.” This knack for networking, combined with a passion for the customer, is what enables Jezzibell and PacketFabric to deliver the exact services that customers need and want. 

For Jezzibell, the dream she wants to fulfill is giving back to others through education. She commented, “I want to give back to the people who have always given to me, and I think what’s given to me the most is progressive education. I think the only way for all of us to continue to advance is to learn, and traditional legacy schools are not always the best way.” She recalls a friend stating that the Internet is like the ‘Renaissance of our age,’ and Jezzibell chalks the revolutionary nature of the Renaissance up to the more widespread availability of knowledge, stating that the Internet has served the same purpose. As such, the dissemination of and access to information is vital for progress. 

At the end of the day, the PacketFabric story is about helping the customer and inspiring innovation among entrepreneurs. “It’s a tough battle, and it’s uphill every day, but I enjoy doing what we’re doing, making our customers go, ‘Oh my god, I’m so glad to be using your solution,’” Jezzibell concludes. 

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