Q&A with TelecomNewsRoom’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Paul Ike is Managing Director of Unica Datacenters. Paul is an IT specialist focused on helping customers find the best solution for every challenge. He was born and raised in Amsterdam, lived and worked in the United States, and feels most at home in a technologically complex, international environment. Paul has always been interested in new technological developments and has been working in the data center world for the last 14 years.

TelecomNewsRoom recently had the opportunity to sit down with Paul and discuss his company’s attendance at KickStart Europe 2018, taking place January 24, in Amsterdam, and the impact that the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies will have on the data center.

TelecomNewsRoom, Kathy Xu (TNR-KX) Question: What are you most eager to share with attendees at KickStart Europe and to learn from fellow speakers?

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