Originally published on Data Center POST

In the past, the Erdweg primary and middle school had only three limited stand-alone networks, which were principally used for administrative tasks and PC-based training activities for students. At the start of the year, Rosenberger OSI laid cables for a forward-looking data network. Meaning that there is now nothing to stop the use of digital technology in the classroom.

It is not just since the Covid pandemic that one thing has been clear: Schools in Germany have a lot of catching up to do in the area of digitalization. In 2019, the German government introduced the state-funded “DigitalPakt Schule” School digitalization program and made available €5 billion of funding for a contemporary IT infrastructure. As a result of the Covid pandemic, the program has been boosted by a further 1.5 billion.

The town of Erdweg in the Dachau district has taken advantage of this program in order to equip its primary and middle school with an innovative data network. The aim was to install WLAN access points in all the rooms and classrooms and provide LAN connections for PCs and notebooks. To achieve this, the school needed a new network infrastructure that was adapted to local conditions.

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